The purpose of mandatory narrowbanding is to promote more efficient use of the VHF and UHF land mobile bands. Today, these bands are highly congested, and there often is not enough spectrum available for licensees to expand their existing systems or implement new systems. As licensees convert to equipment that operates on narrower channel bandwidths, new channels will become available for licensing by parties that need them. It also is hoped that the narrowband conversion will spur the development and use of new technologies that will further promote efficient spectrum use, be less susceptible to interference, and provide licensees with enhanced capabilities.

With this said, communication is key to day-to-day operations on a golf course. Many of you may have already implemented changes in your systems, but I would like to remind those that are unaware, that everyone must comply by the regulation or run the risk of losing their license.

Following are links to two pdf documents that you may find useful in learning about the change. I recommend contacting your radio purveyor as soon as possible and learn what you will need to do to comply.

General Infomration on VHF
Narrowbanding Booklet

While in Lawrence recently, Chava McKeel provided me with a link to a webcast on the new FCC regulations that will be hosted in cooperation with the NGCOA on June 14th.

David Phipps
Northwest Field Staff Representative


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